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S. R. Walker Designs is a design firm dedicated to providing distinctive and memorable graphics that convey your identity in a totally original and authentic voice, speaking directly to your target market. From the big picture down to the choice of typeface will be considered carefully and executed appropriately. The consistency we employ will compliment your business’ integrity and your client’s perception of the standards and values you hold to.

S. R. Walker Designs assists our clients to achieve a solid graphical presence that will stand the test of time. We understand that well designed graphics increase a company’s credibility, confidence, and their impact on the market place. We achieve this for our clients by energizing their image with graphics that communicate their strength and integrity. We boost your company’s confidence and the market’s confidence in you.

We know that clear and open communication is what is integral to a successful design concept. We seek to develop a true understanding of your business so that we can effectively communicate you are to your market. By understanding and caring about each of our clients, we build a relationship with them that is founded on care and attention.

What is Good Graphic Design?

• It represents the business or product authentically
• It is unique and stands out
• It is simple and clear
• It is versatile and adaptable
• It uses color and type effectively
• It uses the available budget creatively
• It has longevity

The Benefits of Good Graphic Design:

• It gives your company a stronger voice
• It attracts new clients
• It renews the interest of returning clients
• It builds credibility
• It instills confidence
• it increases market visibility





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